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Authors Books Librarians Editors Agents Publishers... #USBookShow 2023


4 days of all hits no misses of keynotes, interviews, panels, book recs, advice...  

Day 1 Monday 5/22 
  • an insightful and terrifying and motivational discussion of book banning as an attack on liberty with advice on combating it via local focus and the fact that 30,000 school board seats in the U.S. are opening up this fall 
  • effective OverDrive/Libby strategies executed by savvy librarians 
Day 2 Tuesday 5/23 
  • memorable quote from Chuck D's lunch keynote conversation with Kelefa Sannen: "People listen with their eyes." Plus his STEWdio boxed set and naphic grovel play on words with graphic novel and so much more. 
  • public relations, marketing, how not to get cancelled, redemption  

Day 3 Wednesday 5/24 
  • book recs!!! 
  • Gloria Edim's (Well-Read Black Girl) conversation with Kim Coleman Foote about her fall release novel Coleman Hill from SJP Lit, including Sarah Jessica Parker
  • Wade Hudson, Just Us Books co-founder, in conversation with Carolyn P. Yoder 
  • Zibby Books exec editor Kathleen Harris in conversation with Kathleen Harris about her journey from television screenwriter to book author 
  • Keegan-Michael Key and Elle Key in conversation with each other about "The History of Sketch Comedy"  
Day 4 Thursday 5/25 
  •  more book recs!!! 
  • editors' picks in mysteries & thrillers, picture books, literary fiction, memoir & nonfic, current affairs
  • Flipping Boxcars, by Cedric Kyle (aka Cedric the Entertainer) 
This was an exceptional celebration and dissection of all things publishing and publishing-adjacent. So glad they recorded the sessions to make it easy to catch ones that were missed and to revisit others--at least until 6/30.   

And of course, my weekly book binge options 


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