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Own It

original image from Confession: Being called bossy doesn't bother me. Not teaching our girls, boys and young women and young men how to move through life as propelled by ethical ambitions, the Golden Rule and internal validation does. This Ban Bossy campaign is well-intentioned, but ignores the source of the leadership gap between girls and boys: the suffocating narrowness of gendered expectations and the consequences of not conforming to them. BATAF : Desirable female and male personality traits are rigidly defined.  

Is Money Our God?

image from  Confession: It didn't surprise me to learn that Hobby Lobby indirectly invests in companies that manufacture the types of contraceptives that Hobby Lobby finds objectionable based on their religious beliefs. It did surprise me that no one on their highly educated and generously compensated legal team advised Hobby Lobby to divest from these mutual funds before filing suit for an exemption from the ACA's contraception coverage mandate due to infringement on the religious freedom of their corporation's personhood. They could have easily avoided the appearance of sanctimonious hypocrisy. BATAF: A woman's fertility is her only significant contribution to society.