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Dodging Eros C.I.X. Hits the Skids

The original artwork for the Dodging Eros, Through Past, Present and Pleasure  cover image was seen wallowing in an empty field. Wailing and babbling was heard. While most people in the U.S. are celebrating Thanksgiving, C.I.X. is probably headed to art rehab.

Dodging Eros Cover Image X in Hiding After Being Freed

The search for the original Dodging Eros artwork enters a new phase.

Dodging Eros Cover Image X Comes Home to Its Author

Can original artwork experience Stockholm Syndrome?

Dodging Eros Cover Image X Torments Its Captors, Day 23

Artistic freedom is on the horizon.

Dodging Eros C.I.X. Starts Getting to the Good-Good Writing in Captivity, Day 22

Focus on the contrasts between her innocence and his experience.

Dodging Eros Cover Image X Keeps Wordsmithing in Capativity, Day 21

Add more internal conflict.

Dodging Eros Cover Image X Chugs Along in Captivity, Day 20

Give the lead male character a tortured spirit.

Dodging Eros Cover Image X Churns the Words in Captivity, Day 19

Dig beneath the surface of each character.

Dodging Eros Cover Image X Makes It to the NaNoWriMo Midpoint in Captivity, Day 18

Let the characters transform throughout the story.

Dodging Eros C.I.X. Learns to Thrive in Captivity, Day 17

Reveal more details about the characters' lives.

Dodging Eros C.I.X. Slides into a Writing Flow in Captivity, Day 16

Make the characters appealing.

Dodging Eros C.I.X. Grows More Confident in Captivity, Day 15

Highlight the main male character's virile sensitivity.

Dodging Eros C.I.X. Embraces Captivity, Day 14

Reveal the characters' passions in different ways.

Dodging Eros C.I.X. Gets a NaNoWriMo Groove Going, Day 13

Offer titillating physical descriptions of the characters.

Dodging Eros C.I.X. Makes Captivity a Positive Event, Day 12

Internal conflict adds drama.

Dodging Eros C.I.X. Finds NaNoWriMo Mojo in Captivity, Day 11

Make the characters dynamic.

Dodging Eros C.I.X. Uses Forced Isolation for NaNoWriMo, Day 10

Establish the power hierarchy.

Dodging Eros C.I.X. Rises to the Challenge, Day 9

Build tension.

Dodging Eros C.I.X. is still M.I.A., Day 8

Make the main female character relatable.

Dodging Eros C.I.X. Involuntary Writing Retreat, Day 7

Tap into current trends in popular fiction.

Dodging Eros C.I.X. Captivity as Writing Retreat, Day 6

Hook readers with a memorable opening sentence.

DE Cover Art Hostage to Misfortune, Day 5

The original artwork for the Dodging Eros, Through Past, Present and Pleasure cover image remains in an undisclosed location until this author satisfies the Art Dept.'s requirements for its release. C.I.X. is using the time of forced isolation to participate in National Novel Writing Month. Two days down, twenty-eight to go.

DE Cover Art Hostage to Misfortune, Day 4

The original artwork for my Dodging Eros cover image has decided to take advantage of its time in captivity by participating in National Novel Writing Month #NaNoWriMo.