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Meeting Some Author Sheroes IRL at the Yale Pop Rom Fic Conference

  Flashback Friday to 2 weeks ago when my fandom for romance authors was rewarded while sitting in a Yale University auditorium in a How to Write a Romance Novel workshop taught by publishing phenoms Adriana Herrera & Sarah MacLean! With my sitting in the front row seated next to brilliant Dr. Margo Henderson (Elysabeth Grace*) and Legendary Shirley Hailstock on one side; TWWBF2023 participating author Briana Ellis on the other, who recognized me even with my face half-hidden by my mask! I THINK Nalini Singh was in the audience along with Ms. Bev and so many other super talented, successful authors and book industry professionals. 5th annual The Write Women Book Fest featured panelist Leslye Penelope and I crossed paths in a hallway while searching for the ladies room. WordLink literary agent Macey Howell and I had a lovely chat after a different session. The sister to the documentarian for "Love Between the Covers" was quite engaging as she snapped pics per her sibling&#
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Last Chance MYFANS2023 Discount Code for #TWWBF2023! $10 Tix!!!

  It's the last day to use discount code MYFANS2023* to get $19 off tickets for Saturday, October 14 day 1 of The Write Women Book Fest with more than 100 authors of fiction, non-fiction, poetry & kids books!   In between my co-organizer duties, I'm prepping to moderate the featured panel, "Fantasy & Romance: Myth, Magic, Love, and Steamy Stories as Told by Women Authors" with Golden Angel, Mariah Ankenman, H.L. Brooks, Mary E. Jung, Leslye Penelope, and Maria Vale.  Golden's, Mariah's, and Mary's works are my TBR priorities this week.  A Cat & Bones fan? Jeaniene Frost will be a panelist on the "Women Authors & Storytelling: FIction" and "Been There, Done That: Making Romance Stories New and Relatable" panels. Start thinking about your questions now. (Hey, we would've invited her as a fe

Time to DIY Swag & Read More Books!

  Six weeks until the 5th annual The Write Women Book Fest on Saturday, October 14 & Sunday, October 15!!!   Use discount code: MYFANS2023 until Sunday 9/17 to get $19 off, making tickets only $10 each!   My DIY decorated shirts for book lovers are given in thanks to people who buy my books at events. TWWBF2023 next month, then a TBA library event in November. I'm overdue for restocking.   And of course, more books borrowed even though the two book stacks shown in last week's post are only half-read, but the library is closed for Labor Day on Monday and there's no such thing as having too many reading options (according to book hoarders and binge readers).  Also, celebrating the fortitude of SAG-AFTRA and striking workers in other industries who are standing up for themselves and thei

Calls to Action, a Goodbye Summer Feast & Books

  On Saturday, the 60th anniversary of the 1963 March on Washington where Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his "I Have a Dream" speech, I spent a delightful evening at Wolf Trap listening to Mary Chapin Carpenter's enchanting voice with appreciation for her upbeat spirit and musical talents in addition to her acknowledgement of this significant historical date, along with reminders about the importance of voting, and the ways in which the events of that day improved life for everyone. Also, hearing her new "A Girl and Her Dog" song generated anticipation for her next project.    Then Sunday was all about hanging with close friends (with pool benefits) who also provided a delectable buffet in celebration of the upcoming end of summer and the start of school tomorrow for the teachers and students in our group.  And finally, here's photo evidence that shows why it's always better for me to return my borrowed library items using the book drop rathe

Making Space for Everyone at the Table of Creativity

  "If they don't give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair."  Shirley Chisholm Lion Man, The First and Greatest Black Superhero by Demetrius Sherman, author & publisher  nonfiction comics history  February 2023  Almost two decades before Marvel Comics introduced Black Panther in 1966, All-Negro Comics, Inc., created to "... give Negro artists an opportunity gainfully to use their talents... glorify Negro historical achievements..." introduced Lion Man in 1947. That's only one of a long list of intriguing facts shared in this compact history book about the evolution of comics after World War II. An introduction, six chapters including images from multiple comic strips and books of the era, and the conclusion peel back layers of sociopolitical context that likely will inspire readers to pursue additional books about Black journalists and ne

Booklovers Paradise 2023 National Book Festival

  Apologies for cropping off your name, Tiphanie Yanique!  The Library of Congress did it again!  So many authors, books, and booklovers gathered in Washington, D.C. (IRL and virtually) yesterday, Saturday, August 12th to celebrate all things bookish.  My attempt to watch as many sessions as possible in real time was only somewhat successful because just about every creative and topic interested me. I'll spend the next few days catching up with the recordings. A few highlights:  Tananarive Due and Grady Hendrix's chat with the host of NPR's Code Switch (apologies for not knowing that brilliant human's name) offered an engaging jackpot of insights, personal revelations, and humor. It also led me to add Due's Civil Rights nonfiction title, which I'd somehow missed, co-written with her mom to my TBR list.     from the Poverty, By America chat between Matt and Fred

Black Books Matter Day Library Haul

  The library never disappoints!  Celebrating Black Books Matter Day in gorgeous Prince George's County Maryland with books borrowed from the Prince George's County Memorial Library System and also the Anne Arundel County Public Library.  My summer book binge continues. More actual reviews this fall after the 5th annual The Write Women Book Fest Saturday, October 14 readers experience day at the Bowie Comfort Inn Conference Center & Sunday, October 15 authors professional developing & networking day at Marietta House Museum. Happy reading & creating!