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Moving Forward. Looking Back.

The Persistence of Memory, Book 2: All Our Yesterdays Karen Janowsky Adult speculative fiction with romantic elements Mill City Press  February 2019 Book One: Déjà vu started with a recent history set in scenes of violent sensory immersion. Book Two: All Our Yesterdays begins as an acoustic Homeric delivery of the ancient origin story and end-times tale of the legend of Ishtar. What do sentient beings remember? How do they remember? Why do they remember? Where do they store those memories, and when—and how—do they apply the lessons learned from those memories to their lives? Although Book Two is more of a romance than Book One without sacrificing its action hero intensity, it uses Nina and Daniel’s firmly established personal relationship to explore themes about the importance of having an ethical moral compass in battling philosophical extremism and religious zealotry within the context of their emotional intimacy, and as members of the World Intelligence Sec