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Grown Ups, Too, Please

image from Confession : Having as large an assortment of romance fiction about actual adults (instead of 30+somethings who behave like emotionally stunted high schoolers) as there is in YA and New Adult titles would create a lovely selection for this voracious reader.  BATAF : Once a woman hits her 30s, her best years are behind her.   

Human Targets

"I Am A HueMan Target." by Cardyn Brooks (c)2014 Confession: The verdict in the trial of the man who killed Jordan Davis did not surprise me. In death, Jordan Davis was judged with as much automatic suspicion by the jury as he was by his killer in life. BATAF: A white man's fear always justifies the use of deadly force against black male bodies.

Cure V.D. Madness

    photo by Banks Art Partners 2014     Confession: Valentine's Day mania adds extra pressure to being in love. The price markups make loving expressions, meals, and gifts more expensive and more challenging to arrange. Eye contact during conversation, handholding on a leisurely stroll, shared laughter, hugs, kisses, consideration, and kindness... Receiving these things freely given everyday of the year make me feel loved.   BATAF: The higher the cost of a romantic gesture, the more love the recipient offers the giver.   

No Benefit of the Doubt for You

image from Confession: Reading the text for the opening statements in the trial of the man who killed Jordan Davis makes me wonder if black boys will ever be safe in the U.S. In an abstract from a Florida news outlet, two of his friends are characterized as having "no known criminal record." It seems unlikely that Caucasian teens would be described with the same qualifier.   BATAF :  All black boys are suspects.