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2nd Grown-Ups Getaway Giveaway Update

Murphy’s Law continues to wreak havoc with the print edition of Dodging Eros, Through Past, Present and Pleasure . It’s probably going to be available for the end of the summer reading season, which is why the 2nd Grown-Ups Getaway Giveaway has been extended to Saturday, December 10, 2016 with the second winner’s name posted by Saturday, December 17.   Extending the 2nd GGG entry period until the end of the year opens up eligibility to readers who buy or review any of my titles per the updated details listed below. No purchase necessary, Void where prohibited. Every previous eligible entrant remains entered except for Paula S., who won in February.  Good luck! Adjusted details here:  2nd Grown-Ups Getaway Giveaway Extended until 12/10/2016 Hello, Reading has been a brain escape for me since my dad used silly voices at bedtime to enact each character from my collection of Dr. Seuss books. The launch of Dodging Eros, Through Past, Pres

If Not Now, When?

Monday celebrated U.S. independence while so many of its citizens live bound by the fear that the laws and the people who are sworn to enforce those laws will not protect them from the dangers of negative assumptions made about them based on their skin color, gender, sexual orientation, social class, religious affiliation, age or physical stature. Thank you to the people and organizations working toward eliminating the deadly consequences of implicit bias in policing.