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Black Women Energy at Goucher College Sunday, April 28, 2019

Many thanks to J. for organizing a dynamic and engaging Black Women Energy event at Goucher College yesterday with a variety of  workshops, vendors, artisans, and performers. It was a fun, enlightening occasion that deserves to become an annual event. [hint, hint:-] More thanks to everyone who stopped by my table to chat, to play quick rounds of Tic Tac Trope, and to try their luck at the hourly raffles. My book geeky hand-decorated kicks made their debut, but no one could see them hidden under the table. It still made me happy just to wear them. Happy reading, writing, creating, healing!

Howl At the Moon, Give Yourself a Break & Get Your Freak On

Forever Wolf by Maria Vale Sourcebooks Casablanca  March 2019 While comparisons to Patricia Briggs and Kelley Armstrong are appropriate, Maria Vale establishes a distinctive depth and range of storytelling excellence in her Legend of All Wolves series that is unique in its artistry. As the third entry, Forever Wolf continues the pattern of transcending the boundaries of the paranormal shape-shifting genre by creating more poignant character sketches of compelling individuals who embody a variety of multifaceted points of view about how to survive. That shared intention is just one of many ways in which Forever Wolf exudes its primal energy. Varya and Eyulf’s story progresses like a heartrending blend of ballad, dirge, and warriors’ battle cries. Seraphina Does Everything by Melissa Gratias; Sue Cornelison, illus. National Center for Youth Issues  April 2019 At a time when privileged kids are over-scheduled and internalizing society’s constant, dema

Upcoming April 2019 Events

It's Poetry Month! Check out the scheduled events at your local library branch, favorite bookstore or community gathering place. Come listen to talented wordsmiths - or perform your own work, then play Tic Tac Poe(try) for a chance to win an "I <3 Books" t-shirt at these free events in gorgeous Prince George's County.