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Breaking Free

The original artwork for the Dodging Eros, Through Past, Present and Pleasure  by Cardyn Brooks cover image boldly ventures into an uncertain future.

Still Dreaming Observation: For as far as we've come, we still have quite a way to go.

Mental Poison

I have no disagreement with President Obama as a human being. In fact, I'll go so far to say one of the things I respect very much is the role model that he has served as a husband and a father. And I think he has been an exemplary husband to his wife and an extraordinary father to to his daughters. Frankly, America needs a good role model like that. -Mike Huckabee during a speech at the National Press Club February 2011 Observation: Sanctimonious hypocrisy sells more books.   

Opposite Effect

Observation: Anti-freedom fanatics never seem to understand that murdering individuals doesn't kill inalienable truths; it just makes defenders of freedom more dedicated.