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The Divided States of America

The electorate has chosen the next U.S. president. Not-Hillary sentiment overcame Never-Trump sentiment and too many people love (or at least tolerate) his hate-mongering. Will the 45th president-elect speak and behave differently as president than he did as presidential candidate? My sincere hope is yes. Although it feels as if more than clocks have been set back this November 2016. Wisdom and godspeed to the next administration.

#1 Reason for Booze Day Tuesday?

Sometimes performing one's civic duty feels like time spent in purgatory. May we all work toward an effective political truce as a result of this election. (Yes, my Pollyanna streak is showing.)

More Halloween Week Treats

The Great Pumpkin granted this blerdy book glutton's wish for tasty reading treats with a new MJD title available for loan from the library and the latest RG title on sale for fifty cents at their book donations sale bin. Yay! (instead of Boo!) Now maybe the powerful spirits of the authorsphere will conjure new fiction titles from Frankie Y. Bailey and Crystal Hubbard (Meljean Brook, Marjorie M. Liu, Sugar Jamison, Jo Goodman...).