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EPA Rematch

Someone shared this recent political history reminder with me over the weekend. It encouraged me to remember to keep fighting the ethical, environmentally sane fight regardless of significant challenges and setbacks (Flint, MI, Corpus Christi, TX...). Hope it does the same for you. An insurgent Republican captures the White House and unleashes a furious, in-broad-daylight assault on our environment. He installs a champion of polluters at the EPA, who moves to cripple the agency, slashing its budgets, undoing public health protections across-the-board, and all but ending enforcement actions against bad actors.     Donald Trump, right?     Yes ... but also Ronald Reagan.     We have seen this movie before, colleagues, albeit the circumstances differ in key ways.     This brief account of how environmentalists a generation ago fought back offers up lessons-learned and tactics worth emulating. Before Donald Trump, there was Ronald Reagan When the Reagan Administration

Black Card Credentials, please. Unlike the black Amex that has no limit, the boundaries for black people are constantly being reduced and redrawn according to arbitrary standards of authenticity and legitimacy depending on the narrowness of the mindset of the person/s sitting in judgement. It's 2017. We're all human beings. Shouldn't this debate about who's authentically black have expired by now? (Coming from someone who was called Oreo, zebra, etc. in school.)