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Who Sees What and Why

CC BY-SA 3.0, In fiction and non-fiction this week's reviewed titles explore unconscious preferences shaped by an assortment of influences. Conversations about the consequences of decisions made based on unconscious biases seem to be trending this week.    

Guilt-Free Friendships Feed the Soul

Toffee Bars drizzled with melted dark chocolate and salted caramel, that's how good my closest friends make me feel about life. Here's my complete reply to the query: Ask yourself if being around this person inspires you to be the bravest, strongest, most intelligent, most merciful, most generous, liberated and honest version of yourself. If the answer is yes, invest in maintaining and deepening your emotional connection to them even when you're geographically separated.  Schedule a tech-free meal. All devices off and out of sight.  Listen actively to whomever is speaking without focusing on what you plan to say in response or what you need to do later.    No scorekeeping about who reached out to whom first or last time. If they're on your mind, send a text, an e-mail or (gasp!) an actual paper greeting card that says you're thinking of them or that yo