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Baltimore Book Festival Saturday, September 29, 2018

Where Are All the Asian Beach Reads? Moderator: Aesthetic Distance 's Eliza Romero Panelists: Jay ( - apologies for missing his last name - in for Dr. Tamara Bhalla), Sunny J. Reed, Vanessa Ulrich, Keith Chow   Takeaways: Middle-brow literature determines current cultural baselines. Accessibility to inclusive middle-brow lit is essential for the diaspora of readers. Incompetent diversity in casts of characters sucks a bushel of lemons. Transracial adoption and racial mirroring are underrepresented in middle-brow lit. Book rec's: Prep The Private Citizens Free Food for Millionaires Some of the panelists' media content: Nerds of Color Sunny J. Reed blog Plan A Magazine Primpy Sheep Afrofuturism: Black Panther, Janelle Monae, and the Spaces in Between  Moderator: Justina Ireland, author of Dead Nation and editor(?) of Fiyah Magazine  Panelists: Bill Campbell (Rosarium Publishing), Kosoko Jackson, Irette Y. Patterson, L. Penelope Takeaway: Reim