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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Dodging Eros Cover Art Stand-Off, Day 2

The original artwork for your cover image is inside this portfolio. Meet our demands or risk having this and all the digital files disappear forever.

The Art Dept. demands recognition! They want buzz. They want anticipation. They want a swell of word-of-mouth chatter to grow into an avalanche of interest in the masterpiece of cover art they have created with their inspired genius. Dire consequences for my book and me if I don't deliver.

This author would appreciate your help in satisfying them by leaving a guess in a comment for one or more of the Dodging Eros Cover Reveal Contest clues posted at BlerdyBingeReader.blogspot.com during the original four days of the contest (Saturday 10/25/2014--Tuesday 10/28/2014).

Thank you!

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