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Monday, December 11, 2017

Snuggling at Home on a Snowy Weekend

Mother Nature's power + home as a safe haven + a stocked pantry + Robert Frost's poetry = Quality time spent with loved ones along with the consumption of delicious goodies 

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Learning from the Best

They say that a picture says a thousand words. These images represent countless opportunities that the HSN American Dreams Academy offers (for free!) to its attendees to meet other entrepreneurs who share their hopes and fears, setbacks, triumphs, and hard lessons learned. #HSN #AmericanDreams #AmericanDreamsAcademy  

If the HSN American Dreams Academy invites you to attend one of their entrepreneur events, please accept.

Say yes to direct access to brilliant keynote speakers who are generous in sharing their time and expertise, camaraderie, information, encouragement, resources, and opportunities to learn, network, and grow offered in one convenient location.

Even if you’re painfully shy or experiencing setbacks or feeling unsure about how, or if, to keep going with your idea, please accept the chance to attend. A-listers from various professions, disciplines, and industries will educate and inspire.

Here are the people and organizations that made this HSN American Dreams Academy (in collaboration with the University of Tampa and Quirky.com) at American University in Washington, D.C. an awesome, enriching experience:

Carmen Bauza, Erin Borges, Chris Gassett, Daymond John, Jill KErnes, Lou Lentine, Linda McMahon, Dr. Kevin Moore, Steve Records, Lissa Regets, Kavita Shukla, Laurin Sydney, Dara Trujillo, Gina Waldhorn & Dr. Rebecca White (Go Hokies!)

Swag and guidance provided by:

FreshPapers, GoGo gift bags, Quirky.com & The Startup Club: #1 The Big Idea by J.J. Bamberg, Melanie Staggs & S. Taylor

Impressive entrepreneurs met, and business cards personally exchanged with:

Susan Castriata                       cuchinasafe.com
C. Lee Cawley                        HoldingHangers.com
Valeria Cole                            teadorabeauty.com
Sheila Donaldson                    TheNewNudes.com
Durango Dog Company
Tami Harrison                         seedvolagetech.com
Dr. Sherrie Massop                 SRMP Labs, LLC
Mari Matos                              Hillabeans.com
Sherrill W. Mosee                   minkeeblue.com
Angelyn Myers                       My “Buddy” Towel
Bret Newman                          SoundVerter
Ashley Powdar                       rubysampson.com
Quinn at Purse Paparrazzi
Camille Jeannine                     theasalicollective.com
Trenise Watson                       asilinaturals.com
Ann-Marie Watt                      refineful.com
Candace & Anthony Wiliams The Journey Pillow
and the charismatic young woman who invented a delicious (non-dairy?) whipped cream—available in Kroger & other stores; her picture is on the canister—that she let me taste it atop a scrumptious mini pie square, and the fabulous Spanish woman with her back supporter for wearing under clothes

Special thanks to Stacey, CEO of ybf Beauty, for moving bureaucratic mountains to help our fellow entrepreneur from the Caribbean, and for being the perfect test model for my @SwimMission #swimcap prototype during her WomensLeadership Facebook Live broadcast on Saturday 11/18.  

Oh, and the lunches from Bistro Box were delectable and very generously portioned.

Also, Amtrak’s MARC train made for an easy, comfortable, safe, and convenient affordable trek into D.C. 

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Timeless Truths

Inspired by life's simple pleasures during challenging times.