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We Survived the 1st Annual The Write Women Book Fest!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Many thanks to all of the vendors and the visitors who came to TWWBF. You made our festival launch a beautiful, uplifting, enlightening, and fun experience.

Browse pics from the event on our Instagram @thewritewomenbookfest
See the speakers and panelists from the Event Room

See you in 2020!
(Heather Brooks gave me the loveliest items as thank you swag from BDevlin Designs, Dea, and from her own H. L. Brooks Red August series.)

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Outsiders to the Rooms Where It Happened: Two-State Solution Edition

Legacy of Empire by Gardner Thompson
Britain, Zionism and the Creation of Israel
political history
Saqi  February 2020 (U.S.)

With meticulously researched and annotated details worthy of the most strenuously vetted academic text deconstructed from the Ottoman Empire forward, Legacy of Empire satisfies the intellectual cravings of serious sociopolitical historians and curious everyday citizens. Maps, illustrations, photographs, a timeline, nine chapters, a bibliography, an index, and acknowledgements provide factual structure for a compelling narrative that fills in layers of overlapping and competing personal beliefs, religious ideology, shifting political interests and military objectives.

The introduction examines the differences between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism. These distinctions substantially impacted the reasoning and motivations of the men who mandated changes to the map of the world before, during, and after the two world wars. In providing context for the unique traits …

Nutcrackers, Puppies and Mayhem

Not the Girl You Marry by Andie J. Christopher
Contemporary New Adult romance
Berkley  November 12, 2019

After a somewhat hostile meet-cute, successful event planner Hannah Mayfield and aspiring investigative political journalist Jack Nolan each find themselves caught in an ethical dilemma. Once readers embrace the core premise of premeditated deceit executed with clear intentions of making amends, Not the Girl You Marry is an otherwise entertaining and thoughtful meta contemplation about the pitfalls of dating in the 21st century.

Each character’s family circumstances and dating history act as both filters and mirrors that reveal their struggles in establishing integrity of self, and finding the people and places where they’re recognized, valued, and welcomed. As often found in mainstream romance fiction, generalized statements about men and women clank as outdated along with viewing singlehood as a fate that’s worse than death. Funny pop culture references to hipsters and Marie Kon…

From The Black Count to Black Panther: Page to Screen, Reality and Fantasy

[Black Power African continent image from]

Black Comic Book History by Demetrius Sherman
Bonus: Super Heroes Who Protect Africa

Bummed that Black Panther II isn’t scheduled for release in theaters until 2022? Black Comic Book History eases that impatience. Before #WeNeedDiverseBooks and #1000blackgirlbooks, Alexandre Dumas created The Three Musketeers, journalist Orrin C. Evans published All Negro Comics, and Morrie Turner was the first black cartoonist whose work was syndicated in mainstream newspapers. Unfamiliar with those names and achievements? You’re not the only one. Demetrius Sherman uses the introduction and seven succinct chapters as a survey of the evolution of black characters in visual media from the 1700s to present day. His research includes images of vintage comics panels and newspaper articles along with sociopolitical context and his personal commentary. Though brief, this informative volume entices readers to pursue more details about Matt Baker, th…

Moving Forward. Looking Back.

The Persistence of Memory, Book 2: All Our Yesterdays
Karen Janowsky
Adult speculative fiction with romantic elements
Mill City Press  February 2019

Book One: Déjà vu started with a recent history set in scenes of violent sensory immersion. Book Two: All Our Yesterdays begins as an acoustic Homeric delivery of the ancient origin story and end-times tale of the legend of Ishtar.

What do sentient beings remember?
How do they remember?
Why do they remember?
Where do they store those memories, and when—and how—do they apply the lessons learned from those memories to their lives?

Although Book Two is more of a romance than Book One without sacrificing its action hero intensity, it uses Nina and Daniel’s firmly established personal relationship to explore themes about the importance of having an ethical moral compass in battling philosophical extremism and religious zealotry within the context of their emotional intimacy, and as members of the World Intelligence Security Endeavor. WISE suf…

War, Destruction, Truce. Repeat (with Superheroes)

The Persistence of Memory, Book 1: Déjà vu
Karen Janowsky
New Adult(ish) speculative fiction with romantic elements
Mill City Press  February 2019

The Persistence of Memory is a beguiling mash-up. It begins as a brutally immersive Holocaust testimony set in Germany in 1938. At the age of twenty-one, New Yorkers Daniel Hecht, his two best friends, and his mom discover that their U.S. citizenship can’t protect them from the racial hatred of the Nazis. Survival exacts steep costs that exchange one generation for another and smoothly transitions this story into science fiction. In the 21st century Daniel is a decorated war hero who is disillusioned, jaded, and patriotic. His inner turmoil and traumatic experiences generate emotional whiplash. Enter amnesiac Nina Archer. Who is she? What are her origins? Why does she fluently speak an ancient language? Add mystery and romance (mostly sweet, until very abruptly, it becomes explicit) to this layered and multifaceted tale, which includes soci…

Singlehood, Red Riding Hood & Queen Goharshad

No Thanks: Black, Female, and Living in the Martyr-Free Zone
Keturah Kendrick
Non-fiction memoir
SheWrites Press  June 2019

In a preface, eight intimate essays, and acknowledgements of the members of her international village, Keturah Kendrick uses the path of her own personal and professional journey to her integrity of self to encourage others to challenge the impositions of limiting gendered expectations. No Thanks constructs rational intellectual support for the benefits of deliberately choosing to live single and childfree, a declaration summed up on page 11: “I am single because I am enough for me.”

No Thanks is a provocative rejection of the entrenched belief that fertility is the primary source of worthiness and purpose for a female person’s womanhood; that fertility is the seminal value of womanhood. Humorous and poignant anecdotal personal stories and references to academic case studies examine the consequences and rewards for audacious female people who unapologetically cho…