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Big Bad Wolf by Suleikha Snyder  

Supernatural romance thriller  

Sourcebooks Casablanca, January 26, 2021  

Is it possible to defend the indefensible?  

Attorney and psychologist Neha Ahluwalia is tasked with finding the answer from Joe Peluso. At first glance he's a homicidal vigilante who's a lone wolf in more ways than one. When Neha probes deeper, assorted deadly secrets are revealed, putting her and Joe into multiple sets of dangerous crosshairs and sending them on the run where their smoldering chemistry ignites.  

Warring criminal factions, covert operatives, political gamesmanship, bloody conflicts, and competing supernatural groups make Big Bad Wolf a rollicking good read. An organically inclusive cast of characters who move through an exaggerated sociopolitical magnification of present-day cultural strife adds nuanced emotional intimacy, philosophical complexity and resonance to this edgy alternate universe. Key elements are reminiscent of the World of the Lupi series by Eileen Wilks, with a more nihilistic attitude and a slightly higher, gorier body count. This first installment sets high expectations for Pretty Little Lion (clever), book two in this fresh Third Shift series. 

Twice Exceptional, Supporting and Educating Bright and Creative Students with Learning Difficulties by Scott Barry Kaufman, ed.  


Oxford University Press, 2018  

Does your child noticeably excel in fundamental areas of learning, comprehension and execution, and significantly under perform in others? They might be Twice Exceptional, 2e: embodying exceptional capabilities and exceptional learning challenges at the same time. Using a mix of personal revelations; anecdotal, clinical, and empirical data, and case studies, the editor and contributors offer readers accessible definitions, guidelines, and strategies for identifying and advocating for 2e students whose particular strengths and needs are easily overlooked, misinterpreted and/or misdiagnosed. The focus on comprehensive assessments that lead to customized individual strategies appropriate for each student is reinforced throughout the text as a healthy, effective approach for all students.  

Twice Exceptional presents readers with an overview of the evolution of educational philosophies as it makes its case for a “complexity approach” that identifies and hones students' learning strengths and abilities while simultaneously recognizing and addressing their learning challenges with an emphasis on positive reinforcement. Each chapter ends with a conclusion as summary of highlights, and an extensive list of additional reference materials and resources. This text provides validation, hope, encouragement, and practical strategies for parents, educators, and students, especially new ways of thinking about those on the Autism Spectrum, ADHD, the multifaceted cultural implications for Black and Brown children, and environmental circumstances of all children.


About the Author  



Part I: Identification  

Part II: Supporting Twice Exceptional Students  

Part III: Special Populations  

Part IV: Models  



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