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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Politics of Pleasure Debate Question 8

What does the current “Girl” trend in mainstream adult contemporary fiction reflect about society’s attitudes toward grown women?

The Adventures of Anglo Ingenue and Stone-Cold Billionaire (intro)
an Absurd Theater vignette
setting: party as corporate networking event
tabloid moniker: Stoglo

He trapped my and gaze and refused to release me from his stare as I watched him work his way across the ballroom filled with the industry's power brokers.

This man was dangerous.

His bespoke tuxedo couldn't hide the rough edges of his bad boy, bad ass, dominant, alpha shark intensity cutting through the chum of posers and hangers-on who tried to catch his attention.

He ignored them.

This sexy man's reputation as a rebellious genius with a bad attitude in business and an insatiable appetite as a connoisseur of sin made him irresistible.

I knew I was in way over my head...

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